photo of basket with blue ribbon and black and white paper and kraft card
photo of a graham cracker cookie covered with chocolate
photo of jars of jams with spoons inside them on a table
photo of biscotti on a plate next to a white mesh baggie
Photo of granola bag in basket with moss and dried flowers
photo of candle with moss around it
photo of kraft card with stamp pieces and stamped "cleo" on envelope
Drift wood with black and white ribbon on it
blue ribbon on driftwood
photo of driftwood with green ribbon
drift wood with red and pink ribbon over it
Lime and Cocoa

At Your Door - Foodie

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  • All natural local jam
  • Fleur de sel caramel sauce
  • Almond & chocolate biscotti
  • Local all natural granola
  • Small aromatherapy soy candle
  • Hand written kraft card
  • Decorative basket / crate

*Due to working with small batch makers, items in baskets may be subject to change.

We will always substitute for something equally delicious and for the same price!